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Mark Chambers Marketing and Brand Consultant

Born in the United Kingdom but domiciled in Brescia, Italy since 1997, Mark Chambers has 20+ years of experience in Marketing and Brand Management online and offline, He is confident that he possess the skills necessary to be a successful International and national Marketing coordinator.

Mark has successfully managed the brand identity, public relations and media, as well as brand internationalization for a number of organizations over these years, His expertise includes developing effective marketing strategies to promoting products and services across multiple markets with the most suitable media, launching campaigns for new products and services, optimizing customer experience through data analysis, creating digital content for websites and social media channels with SEO strategy, creating newsletters for customers.

Moreover, Mark Chambers has organized events such as press conferences to promote the awareness of local sporting teams. His track record of success speaks to my ability to deliver results within budget constraints while maintaining high standards of performance.

Confident that his diverse skill set makes him an ideal consultant for your organization.​

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

What is his USP?

√ Project and human resource management skills,
√ Brand Identity and Marketing management skills,
√ Public relations B2b and B2C skills,
√ Below the line operative experience, skills and knowledge,
√ Bilingual background, ideal for international trade and public relations,
√ Dynamic and experienced freelance consultant.


More than 20 years of experience in:

√ Marketing strategies for small/medium Italian industries
√ Brand Identity
√ Art Direction
√ Online and Offline Graphic design
√ Website project management
(WordPress/Joomla/DDN Cms, Seo, Dem, Sem, Web-hosting)
√ E-commerce project management (Woocomerce, Prestashop, Shopify)
√ Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Business, Tik Tok. Youtube)
√ Video Direction

More than 7 years of experience in:

√ Cycling Marketing Strategies
√ Cycling Customer care (Italian/English)
√ International Cycling sales
√ International Cycling Brand Ambassador
√ International Cycling lead generation
√ Public relations at International trade shows
√ Public relations national and international media
√ Creation and handling of online communities

2 years of experience in:

√ Italian Rugby Club Brand Manager

Current new experiences:

√ Airbnb/booking Hospitality owner/manager
√ Owner/manager International Eyewear E-commerce