We first entered the Cycling Marketing world in 2006 when our dear friend Frank Boifava invited us to restructure the Carrera Podium website. It was a ‘Marriage made in Heaven’ with great results. We learned how to ride the bicycling world thanks to this huge opportunity. Our consultancy carried on for 10 continuous years. Soon after more cycling Brands followed suit. In 2014 we launched our own Cycling Market place called ‘Cambiobici‘ which is known throughout Italy and recognised for it’s quality contents.

In the past 4 years Mark Chambers has specialised in Cycling Marketing strategies and Sales in the United Kingdom & Italy. You can often see and hear about our Trade Ambassador present at most of the national and international trade shows promoting and creating news opportunities for the Brands he has in his portfolio.

So in only seemed natural to divide this expertise in two distinct areas. Limeonline is the esclusive media and technological partner for this dynamic sports marketing reality